Comfrey Cream for Equine 3.53 Oz Cream, Terry Naturally

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Whether in the barn or on the go, you always want to provide just what your horse needs.   For joints, muscles and skin—there’s Comfrey Cream.  Convenient and reliable, Comfrey Cream is the perfect addition to your tack box.  And, Comfrey Cream is great for dogs, too!   Support your dog's healthy skin with this convenient, easy-to-absorb cream.

Use it as a liniment or as a poultice, whichever suits your horse’s need at that moment.  The ancient "go-to" wisdom of this botanical is a welcome addition to your horse’s protocol as a prized performer.

  • Free of Pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs)
  • Free of solvents and cultivated without chemicals
  • Paraben free

For joints, muscles, and skin—turn to Comfrey Cream from Terry Naturally® Animal Health.

What’s Inside:
While comfrey is a highly regarded herb used for thousands of years, choosing the right comfrey free from pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs) is important.  Our specialized Comfrey Cream is rich in goodness and contains the desired key elements—Rosmarinic Acid, Allantoin, and Choline—from the flowers, stems and leaves.  It’s grown in Germany without chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and is free of the toxic PA's found in more common comfrey varieties extracted from the root.

Keep a tube in the tack box, always just a “grab away” when you want your horse to experience the amazing benefits of Comfrey Cream.