100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oils, Desert Essence

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Indigenous Australians have long used the clear, potent oil of the Tea Tree plant for its inherently cleansing benefits. We’ve been inspired by Tea Tree Oil’s endless potential since 1978, when we were the first company to bring it to the U.S. market. Today, we source only the highest quality oils from sustainable plantations in Australia. Thanks to our decades-long relationships with these environmentally responsible farmers, we get first pick of each crop. Its refreshing scent is now a hallmark of many clean, green cleaning solutions, and its cleansing power makes it ideal for uses including problem skin, blemishes, scalp treatments, sunburn relief and insect bites.

"I use this tea tree oil every day...takes care of blemishes, bug bites and soothes any skin irritation. I also add it to soap and laundry detergent. Best all purpose and non-toxic product!" - Courtney