Nozovent Anti-Snoring Device -- 2 Pieces, Scandinavian Formulas

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Scandinavian Formulas Nozovent Anti-Snoring Device Description


  • Better Breathing!
  • Easy to Use
  • Awaken Refreshed
  • Clinically Proven
  • Everyone Sleeps Peacefully


UP TO 50% MORE AIR! Developed by a leading Swedish ENT (ear, nose, & throat) doctor. Nozovent® has been extensively clinically studied and documented to:

  • Open nasal passages to allow for a major increase in air flow.
  • Greatly reduce the severity and frequency of snoring.
  • Eliminate the feeling of stuffy nose from colds and allergies
  • Greatly reduce or eliminate unhealthy mouth breathing.

Who should use NOZOVENT®

  • Many with asthma, allergy and physical nasal restrictions to open nasal passages to enhance air flow the natural way.
  • Athletes, to increase air flow capacity to enhance performance and to keep their blood pressure down during physical exertion. Olympic gold medal winners have used Nozovent® in competition.

Nozovent® is reusable until the plastic no longer offers the necessary spring-like and dilation action. Nozovent® should be cleaned with mild soap and water.



Insert the device so that the longer portions of the end pieces are facing upward and the circular cups are toward the tissue on the inside of the nostril and so that the round balls are to the lower part of the nostril as shown on the package.